For more than 34 years, Ultratec has set the pace in text telecommunications, inventing new ways for people to communicate with one another.  Some of Ultratec’s breakthrough technologies include:


CapTel Captioned Telephone
Allows people who have difficulty understanding what is said over the telephone to receive word-for-word captions throughout their telephone conversations. This new technology enables people who are deaf or hard of hearing to enjoy the telephone with the same ease, speed and confidence as telephone callers everywhere. If a CapTel user has difficulty hearing what the caller says, he or she can simply read the captions for clarification. Learn More


Enhanced Turbo Code (E-Turbo) makes calling with Sprint Relay faster and easier than ever. E-Turbo TTYs let you directly dial the number you are calling, instead of dialing the relay service first. Then, E-Turbo automatically connects the call to Sprint Relay and passes on your preferences to the CA. Learn More


Using a TTY with a Cellular Phone
TTY users can now enjoy conversations on the go with today’s digital cellular phones, thanks to the portability and long battery life of the Compact/C. More about TTYs and Cell Phones...


Voice Carry Over (VCO)
VCO allows people who are deaf or hard of hearing to use their voice when talking over the telephone and speak for themselves directly to the other person. They then read the other person's response on their TTY, Uniphone, or CapTel display screen. Learn More


Turbo Code®
An enhanced communication protocol that lets you send and receive information via TTY as fast as it is typed. Turbo Code also allows you to interrupt one another during your conversation. Learn More


Auto ID™
Automatically alerts everyone, including 911 and emergency services, that you are calling on a TTY. This eliminates confusion and accidental hang-ups, and can save valuable time in an emergency situation. Learn More


Communication Between TTYs and Computers
In order for TTY users to communicate with computer users, some special equipment is required. Learn More


Digital vs. Analog
It’s important to know whether your line is digital or analog, as the difference will affect your telephone access. Learn More


Ultratec Technology Timeline
Ultratec has been instrumental in TTY development over the years. A timeline of Ultratec innovation.