Product Support


Image of the CapTel phone


The telephone that displays written, word-for-word captions of everything the caller says.



Image of the Compact/C


Pocket-sized, personal TTY to carry in purse, briefcase or backpack



Image of the CrystalTone phone

CrystalTone Series

Not only increases volume, enhances clarity for crystal clear reception.



Image of the EZcom Pro TTY

EZcom Pro

Easy to use, easy to carry - for direct connect only



Image of the Minicom IV TTY

Minicom IV

This basic TTY has an easy-touch keyboard with a bright, tilted 20-character display.



Image of the Miniprint TTY

Miniprint Series

The Miniprint Series includes a 24-character printer with 3 selectable print sizes.



Group photo of the Simplicity series


Simply the best way to be alerted to important everyday sounds.



Image of the Supercom TTY

Supercom 4400

Save and review conversations, Auto-Answer messages, and memos in memory.



Image of the Superprint TTY

Superprint Series

This TTY includes advanced calling features like auto-busy redial, three way calling and TTY transfer.



Image of the Superprint Pro80 TTY

Superprint Pro80

The deluxe TTY includes a printer that uses standard size paper, a full-size keyboard, and Caller ID*.



Image of the TDD Detector

TDD Detector

Monitors the phone line, listening for TTY tones, to identify TTY calls faster and with greater accuracy



Image of the Uniphone

Uniphone Series

Combines an amplified phone and TTY in one! Now, your whole house can share one phone.



Image of the Intele-Modem


The Intele-Modem can turn your personal computer into a TTY.