Turbo Code

Why a TTY with Turbo Code is Better

Remember the old TTY your parents grew up with? You may be surprised to know that many of today's TTYs rely only on Baudot, the same old technology used over 40 years ago.

But not Ultratec TTYs.  Every Ultratec TTY comes with Turbo Code, a more advanced communication protocol that saves you time and money on every call - automatically. Turbo Code lets you send and receive characters via TTY as fast as you type.  Plus, Turbo Code lets you interrupt one another, giving a more natural, back and forth feeling to your TTY conversations.

Turbo Code TTYs communicate with all TTYs, no matter what protocol they use. The Turbo Code TTY automatically detects which code the other TTY is using, and connects in the most appropriate code for both TTYs.

Why a TTY with Turbo Code is Better: Turbo Code saves you time and money

Turbo Code can save you time on your calls because it sends and receives information at the same speed you type. Calls take less time with Turbo Code, which saves you money on your phone bill.

With Turbo Code, YOU control the speed

With Turbo Code, you are completely in control of the speed, because it sends and receives as fast or slow as you type. Baudot-only TTYs with memory may let you type fast, but they send the information at the same old slow speed that TTYs have used for years. Turbo Code sends your words exactly the way you type -- fast or slow -- and lets you receive information exactly the way your caller types it ­ fast or slow.

Turbo Code lets you interrupt

You can interrupt while your friend is typing. Interrupt lets you politely tell your friend, "I must go...kids, doorbell, oven buzzer, bathroom...etc."

Turbo Code is new, better technology

Baudot code is over 40 years old. Turbo Code is the latest generation in TTY communications. Don't get stuck with old technology!

Turbo Code TTYs communicate with ALL TTYs

It doesn't matter what code the other TTY uses, our TTYs are smart enough to match the same code automatically. If you call a Baudot TTY, it connects in Baudot. If you call a Turbo Code TTY, it connects in Turbo Code. You don't have to do anything, the TTY does it all for you!

Turbo Code is completely automatic

No turning Turbo Code on or off - it is totally automatic. The TTY is smart enough to turn Turbo Code on when it talks to another TTY with Turbo Code. You don't have to do a thing!

Turbo Code TTYs are FULLY compatible with all TTY services.

Because Turbo Code TTYs communicate with any TTY, whether it has Turbo Code or Baudot only, Turbo Code TTYs are fully compatible with TTY sevices such as Relay and 911.

Turbo Code comes free with all Ultratec TTYs.